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H'Sao is an Afro-pop group originally known as Hirondelle, formed by three brothers (Caleb Rimtobaye, Mossbasss, and Izra L) and one sister in Chad. They started singing in their father's church and later gained popularity after performing at the Fête de la musique in 1994. Drummer Dono Bei Ledjebgue joined the group in 1995 and they changed their name to H'Sao, incorporating the "H" from their original name and referring to the ancient Sao civilization of Chad. H'Sao's music is influenced by gospel and their Chadian roots, combining elements of soul, pop, and R&B, and sung in various languages including English, French, Arab, Sara, and Kabalaye. In 2001, H'Sao won the bronze medal at the Jeux de la Francophonie and decided to settle in Montreal, Canada. They have since released several other works. The group has become a well-known exponent of the multicultural music scene in Canada, showcasing their unique style and earning critical acclaim.