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Young Ade Wesco and his Destiny Dandies were a vibrant musical group that emerged in the late 1970s. Led by the talented Ade Wesco, the band made waves in the Nigerian music scene with their unique fusion of highlife and afrobeat. Born out of a passion for music, Wesco, a self-taught guitarist, assembled a group of talented musicians and formed the Destiny Dandies Band. The band released several albums, including "No Left Turn," released in 1979, which showcased their infectious rhythms and captivating melodies. The album, pressed on vinyl, became a hit among music enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impression on the Nigerian music landscape. Although information about Young Ade Wesco and his Destiny Dandies is scarce, their music continues to resonate with fans, and their influence on the highlife genre is undeniable. Despite their limited discography, their legacy lives on, inspiring future generations of musicians to embrace their own destiny and create extraordinary music.
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