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How We Use Data

Thanks for your interest in sharing data with us. Before we proceed, let us tell you a little about the WHY and HOW of data at the African Music Library.

The African music Library is a comprehensive repository of African music knowledge. Its content is curated by a team of researchers, creatives, and academics across the continent. Factutal data, including performance metadata and audio files - used for audio analysis - is contributed by supporting Record Labels, Publishers, Distributors, Aggregators, and other key players in the African Music Industry like yourself.

Metadata curated is verified and standadized to comply with the DDEX standards.

Audio data curated is analyzed by machine learning models to yield knowledge such as this and this.

All clean data and knowledge generated through this process are made availble to industry stakeholders and the public. The goal is to foster faster data exchange for activities like royalty claims and distributions, as well as African music engineering.

How AML Benefits You

  • Properly organize your music metadata in adherence to the Digital Data Exchange (DDEX) standard for easy identification and payment to all participants on a track.
  • AML’s collaborations with CMOs and payment distributors make royalty management more efficient
  • Enrichment of your metadata with additional data points which improve the discoverability of your works on media platforms, easy playlisting
  • All works are correctly organized and preserved for the present and more importantly, is future proof.