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Jessica Bongos

1983 | English | Nigeria
Jessica Bongos, is a talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, who discovered her love for music while singing alongside her father, renowned artist Bongos-Ikwue. In 2013, she embarked on a solo career with her debut single 'You Left Me'. Collaborating with several esteemed Nigerian artists, Jessica Bongos has showcased her versatility. Her debut album 'Broken to Peace' in 2017 showcased her growth as an artist, captivating audiences with soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Today, Jessica Bongos continues to inspire and connect with fans through her powerful voice and creative songwriting, solidifying her place in the Nigerian music industry.

Haytham Shaker

1983 | Arabic | Egypt
Haytham Shaker , is an Egyptian singer. He was discovered by producer Fayez Ghaly, who presented him in the song Single, with which he achieved great success. He then launched into the world of stardom with several albums.

Sketchy Bongo

1989 | Zulu | South Africa

Eva Diamond

1920 | English | Nigeria
Eva Diamond, also known as Diamond Ebiere Chris – Ogola, is a talented Nigerian Gospel minister and worshiper whose melodious voice and devotion to God have touched many hearts. With a passion for singing from a young age, she served in various music bands and ministries. Her fame soared with the release of "No Other God," featuring Moses Bliss in 2020, impacting listeners worldwide. Eva Diamond's profound spiritual songs like "Sweetest Name" and "Alpha & Omega" continue to inspire. Beyond music, she co-leads the Diamond and Chris Ogola Foundation, actively supporting marginalized communities and uplifting widows through a dedicated welfare program. She's also an advocate for empowering and mentoring godly and disciplined girls. Eva Diamond's life and work radiate hope, love, and compassion.

Moses Ngwenya

1958 | Zulu | South Africa
Moses Ngwenya, often called Black Moses, is a pianist and keyboardist from Soweto, South Africa. He started his music career when he joined Crocodile Rock, a band he formed with his older brothers. He started with the guitar first before switching to drums. Moses was also a member of other groups, including the Young Brothers. Aside from performing with groups, he was a solo artist and released several solo albums. He was a member and one of the surviving members of the Soul Brothers group.
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