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Freeman Hkd

1988 | Shona | Zimbabwe
Freeman HKD Boss (born Emegy Slyvester Chizanga) is a renowned Zimdancehall artist and record label owner. As a former professional footballer, he played for Mwana Africa F.C. In addition, Freeman worked as a butcher boy before his music career took off. He began his musical journey in 2009 and gained recognition with his track "Joina City." Freeman established HKD Records in 2012, which has become home to several popular artists. His impactful music and talent led to him being named one of the 100 most influential young Zimbabweans in 2013. Freeman HKD Boss continues to thrive, creating music and leaving a lasting legacy in the Zimbabwean music industry.

Tonia Omoh

1920 | English | Nigeria
Tonia Omoh is a renowned Nigerian gospel artist, celebrated for her musical prowess and soul-stirring voice. Since her music career's inception in 1998, she has captivated audiences with diverse melodies in Nigerian dialects and English. Her debut album, "Appointed Time," released in 2020, earned widespread acclaim for its versatility and depth. Apart from her musical achievements, Tonia is a pastor, photographer, and entrepreneur, reflecting her multifaceted nature. Her performances at Christian events and collaborations with gospel icons have left an enduring impact on the music industry. With an anointed grace on and off stage, she continues to inspire listeners worldwide through her uplifting melodies.

Francois Lougah

1942 | French | Ivory Coast
François Lougah, born Dago Lougah, was a renowned Ivorian singer and actor who made a lasting impact on his country's music scene. Despite facing early educational challenges and dropping out of secondary school, Lougah's determination led him to pursue his passions and achieve remarkable success. He refined his acting skills at the Mona Sangor School of Dramatic Art and embraced his musical talents by taking piano lessons. Lougah formed relationships with influential individuals in the industry and gained recognition as a member of various musical groups before launching a successful solo career. Fondly known as the "National Dad," Lougah's legacy endures, showcasing his immense contributions to Ivorian music and acting. He passed away in December 1997, leaving behind a rich musical heritage.


1981 | Tsotsitaal | South Africa
Linda Mkhize, a.k.a. PRO (previously Pro Kid), was a talented rapper and producer from South Africa. He rose to prominence following his appearance on the popular urban youth radio station, YFM. PRO was renowned for his style of rapping in both Soweto vernacular (tsotsitaal) and English. His debut single, "Soweto," was an homage to his birthplace, catapulted him to stardom. PRO was considered a trailblazer in kasi rap, a Hip-hop subgenre that originated in South Africa, and played a significant role in its evolution.


1994 | English | Nigeria
Daniel Otaniyen-Uwa Olaye, with music sobriquet Killertunes, is a talented Nigerian music producer. Killertunes has received several awards and recognition for his outstanding work. He gained popularity for his trending free beats online and his breakthrough came when he produced Wizkid's and Mut4y's hit single "Manya", which has led him to produced hit songs for other ace Nigerian artists. Every song produced by Killertunes carries his signature tag "Shabalistica". His consistency and exceptional talent have made him one of Nigeria's most sought-after producers.
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